Katie Dunk

Katie Dunk Sturdy By Design Ambassador

I was given the opertunity to be a Sturdy By Design Ambassador in Jan 2017

I have been doing sports my entire life; football, softball, basketball and then I started doing competitive rock climbing in high school. I have always been the ‘strong one’ on the team or in a group. When I found CrossFit in 2010 I knew, immediately, that this was something I could do forever. It was the best of all things I loved: team sports (the community is incredible, second to none) and being pushed to that deep dark place mentally and physically. Our team qualified for the European Regionals in 2011 and I was very lucky to get the opportunity to compete alongside some of the best athletes in Europe and the World! It was an incredible experience that really highlighted my love for Team competitions. We went on to do very well in some of the most popular UK competitions (back in the day) placing second in the London Throwdown. From there I started dabbling in Strongman and seriously fell in love. I LOVE lifting heavy! After battling a couple of injuries I fell pregnant with my daughter and continued to coach and participate in CrossFit throughout my entire pregnancy;

Katie Dunk Sturdy By Design Ambassador

I was literally coaching an all ladies workshop the day before I had my baby girl! I can categorically say that I would not have had as comfortable a pregnancy or as swift a labour and delivery if it hadn’t been for my training over those nine months.

I left the Army in 2012 and struggled massively with my transition into civilian life I became depressed and soon found myself overweight and unhappy with my life.

After the birth of my daughter my family relocated to the Midlands and I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to open my own CrossFit Box.

Finding the balance between coaching, running a business full time and also being a full time Mum has been very hard; my training took a back seat. I am now getting back into Strongman and am now dabbling in Powerlifting with a good friend of mine, AJ, who is  a GB powerlifting and trains with Darkside Barbell. She is taking me under her wing and I aim to compete sometime in April. I am also signing up for more Strongman competitions; this year is all about lifting heavy s**t!

Katie Dunk Sturdy By Design Ambassador

A huge motivation for me is my daughter; I want to be a strong role model for her. I want to show her that women can be STRONG, determined and tough as nails; that, and I just LOVE to lift. I get excited to lift. Lifting puts a twinkle in my eye. Sounds cheesy, but it gets me super pumped up.

At the moment I lift three times per week, each session lasting up to 3.5 hours long. These sessions are focusing on the three Powerlifting lifts: back squat, deadlift and bench press. 

Due to the length and intensity of these sessions three a week is enough! I also train CrossFit style WODs every Sunday to throw in a little bit of cheeky cardio and to get back to what I fell in love with in the first place; team WODs!

I follow a nutrition plan provided by Conquer Athletic Performance, a bespoke nutrition programme for athletes. I follow a macro breakdown to help facilitate strength building and recovery so I can hit the heavy weights HARD week in, week out. I follow a primal/paleo style diet as well which I have found, over the years, suits me best. It’s been a learning curve getting more carbs on board for recovering and lifting!

Sturdy By Design Ambassador Program

At Sturdy By Design we understand that there is no better way to get genuine feedback on a product than from someone with experience.

Our Ambassadors are used to training hard and can easily tell you a good pair of leggings from a bad pair so we’re very proud that they are confident enough in our products to take on the positions of a Sturdy By Design Ambassador.

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