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Hi! I am Georgina a.k.a. George and I blog and do the social media thing over at fullerfigurefullerbust on all the platforms.

I am so chuffed to be collaborating with Sturdy By Design for this gorgeous little sea themed collection! I really love circuit workouts, spin classes, boxing and weightlifting, and my squat proof high waisted Sturdies always keep me looking and feeling vibrant – plus they have a waist tie which is a must for me! I wear a 3XL in the brand and I just love the ethos, the community that exists because of it, and all of the fun and fantastic prints.

When I first started exercising I definitely had a very unhealthy perception of it. I saw exercise as a tool to lose weight, and I ended up doing things that I didn’t really enjoy and – I never thought of exercise as something that could be fun or make me feel good.

It’s taken me years and a lot of unlearning to get to the point where I actually do enjoy exercise. I enjoy the mental health benefits, I enjoy the way my strength and stamina and endurance is much better, and I enjoy smashing previous personal bests when it comes to weightlifting.

I now post about it quite a lot on my social media feeds in the hope that I can show others that having a bigger body doesn’t mean you have to punish it with gruelling workout routines.

We can celebrate our bodies and move them and do things to honour them. I want to show women who have a body like mine how it looks when it is moving and working out – and normalise the fact that I get red faced, sweaty and breathless and yet I have a really good time.

In a world where exercise has become synonymous with weight loss and slim and toned bodies I want to be a body that shows that you don’t have to do things in order to change yourself and you don’t have to feel like punishing yourself.