Andrea Thompson WSW

I started training as a Strongwoman as a form of weight loss around 5 years ago and after being spotted as being crazy strong at my local strength and conditioning class, it was suggest I try a different sport. Intrigued, I decided to have a go at lifting weights. As a result of that decision in 2015, I have gone on to become Britain’s Strongest Woman 4 times, in November 2018 I travelled to North Carolina to compete in Worlds Strongest Woman and came away with that title too.

My journey has taken me from an amateur to a professional athlete and in March 2020, I competed at the Arnold Sports Festival where I set a world record deadlift of 282kg/621lbs!

My normal week would include 3 to 5 training sessions and I follow a high protein diet to enable me to grow quality muscle and train harder and for longer.

At home, I am a married mum of 2 beautiful girls and work as an Vocational Assessor at the local college.

This is an exciting time for me and the sport, I have seen so many women get stronger physically and mentally over the years and I regularly take the opportunity to visit local schools, events and host seminars to share my experiences and raise awareness of this growing sport for women.

I am a walking billboard for Sturdy, you can’t miss me in the playground, in the gym or at a competition! Even my girls can spot a pair of Sturdies out and about now!