Care Instructions


To help maintain the quality of your Sturdy By Design products

Sublimated printed leggings need a little more TLC than standard Lycra leggings.  The material can be prone to bobbling/abrasion damage which can be more noticeable on designs that are heavy in black and the Winter leggings. Please read these easy to follow instructions.

Whilst wearing to avoid abrasion damage (bobbling)

Avoid all rough and sharp surfaces, this includes avoiding the fabric coming into contact with anything with a rough edge such as Velcro, brick walls, rough gym bars etc.

Avoid contact with Velcro and zips and be careful when wearing anything round your waist or over the leggings such as a running belt. Anything that causes friction against the material for a prolonged period of time can cause abrasion damage (bobbling).

Be careful when putting your leggings on, the material is very long lasting but can snag on things like rings and long nails. 

While all these things won't effect the strength and longevity of your leggings, it will effect the overall appearance.

Whilst washing to avoid abrasion damage (bobbling)

Always wash inside out on a cool short cycle. Ensure no other garments are in the wash that have sharp or rough edges such as Velcro or zips.

Ensure the drawstring is tied in a tight knot or use the toggle provided

Do not use fabric softener

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

For the maximum protection we recommend the use of a laundry bag to wash your leggings.

For printed cotton products, wash on a cool short cycle inside out, do not tumble dry and iron on reverse.

Reflective Range

Please be aware: Due to the nature of the reflective technology layer on the fabric, this product has strict washing instructions to maintain the longevity of the reflective material. Failure to follow this will mean the reflectiveness will fade a lot quicker than it should do. Also because the reflective material is an additional layer added, anything that causes friction against the material for a prolonged period of time can cause the reflective particles to wear away. This can be caused by inner thigh/knee rub, the wearing of a belt around the waist, a cycle seat, riding saddle etc.. If you feel you may suffer from any friction we recommend purchasing the panel design to help try to avoid losing too much of the reflective surface layer  

Wash the item inside out, on a cool short cycle, hang dry, do not tumble dry. Do NOT use fabric conditioner. Do not iron.

Please note, refunds or replacements will not be given if these instructions have not been followed


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